The woman threw the blind dog over the fence of some mansion and quickly ran away.

People breed dogs for different purposes: for protection, as a companion, for the soul, and some just for fun, as a toy. Toys tend to get old, break or get boring, and then they are simply thrown away.

In the center of the Argentine capital, a young woman with a red cocker spaniel on a leash was walking down the street — a familiar sight for city dwellers, sweet to the heart. And suddenly she took the dog, threw it over the fence of some mansion and quickly ran away. This could not hide from the all-seeing eye of the security cameras.

Later, the owners of the mansion found a note that the woman had left in the mailbox. The message read:

«My name is Adriano. I am 14 years old. I was born on October 6, 2008. I have been blind for three years. I am not neutered . I am very good . I don’t bite children, adults or other pets. I don’t like pet food, I can’t eat bones.»

«The caring owner» added that Adriano’s body doesn’t digest food from the table and he can’t eat bones.

The homeowners took the frightened redhead and called the local shelter. The shelter staff came and took the poor dog away. They were very worried about the dog and did not understand how they could abandon a friend who was in a helpless state and would inevitably die without an owner, disregarding the fact that you were holding a living soul. What a cruel person one must be to commit such an atrocity.

Thanks to the care of the shelter staff, the pooch is slowly recovering and has found a new home. Very soon the special Adriano will have a owner who will never leave him or betray him, and against all odds the old redheaded and blind Cocker Spaniel will have a decent old age.

Many happy years to you and your owner, Adriano!

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