They take a deaf dog from a shelter, not knowing how it would benefit their son with the same disability.

Dave is a deaf dog who was abandoned by his first family and had been staying at the Humane Society of Midland County shelter in Michigan. He had run away from home several times in the past, some of which had gone very badly, including being injured by porcupines.

At the shelter, this American Bully mix was the darling of the volunteers, who hoped to see him find a loving family. That wish was granted at an open house. That day, the parents of Walker, a young autistic man with hearing loss, came especially to see Dave, whose story was shared on Facebook and touched them.

According to Brittany Schlacter of the BISSELL Pet Foundation, which organized the event, «the bond with Walker was instantaneous.» «They became inseparable and clearly saved each other,» she adds.

«It seemed like they had been together forever.»

For Mindy Cousineau, the young man’s mother, «it was as if they had been together forever.»

Dave had already learned to obey gesture commands. Communication with Walker quickly took hold. Walker, who had been struggling with his hearing loss and having to wear a hearing aid, began to deal with these difficulties better. He now has no worries about his device and is gradually coming out of his isolation thanks to the quadruped.

«Dave knows when Walker is getting upset and he calms him down. Walker is learning more signs for himself and also to be able to ‘talk’ to Dave,» says his mother.

The dog is truly a lifeline for his young human friend. He himself has never been happier than when he joined this close-knit, caring family.

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