This dog has everything to make a happy family, but no one is interested because he is not a «purebred.»

Arthur is a dog full of energy. But at the shelter, where he has lived since he was rescued from the street, he does not arouse the interest of visitors. Most people prefer purebred dogs. And this dog is not. However, the association staff is not discouraged in finding a loving family for him.

Arthur is a lurcher, in other words, a greyhound breed. The three-year-old has lived in this Nottinghamshire shelter since he was found on the street, abandoned to his fate without food. At the time, he didn’t know what it meant to be loved.

He loves to play with toys, especially soft toys. Those are his favorites! He is a very nice boy. In spite of this, potential adopters bypass him.

The association staff is convinced that visitors are more interested in purebred dogs.

On May 31, Jerry Green Dog’s rescue team thought luck had finally turned on them.oh it was another disappointment. A meeting arranged with the family that day did not lead to his adoption.

Arthur needs a home where he can be someone’s best friend. He is shy. He will need some time to bond with people. He can get along with children over 3 years old, but not with small pets like rodents.

Will Arthur finally be able to realize his dream and find a home for good? That’s what everyone wants.

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