This guy looks for cats on his travels and rescues those who need homes

The hero of our story loves cats, especially stray cats. He travels a lot, and every time he stops on the street when he meets a stray cat on his way, he also visits local animal shelters.

Cats are his best friends!

«I love cats. I have 14 (yes, that’s right, 14),» Angelo Varriano told Love Meow magazine.

«They were all homeless, I picked them up on the street. I always try to find a new home for the poor cats, but in Brazil it’s pretty hard to find really good ‘parents’ for them.»

Varriano takes care of all the cats he has rescued from the streets. Wherever he travels, he looks for cats everywhere. That’s the main purpose of his travels.

«I love to travel, and I love cats, so I’m always looking for them on my trips,» he tells Love Meow magazine.

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