This little dog is desperately looking for a home after spending her whole life locked up.

One-year-old Staffie cross Peppa arrived at the RSPCA’s Cotswolds Dogs & Cats Home, in Gloucestershire, in February with her brother, George.

The duo had lived a very sheltered life which had led them to be nervous of much of the outside world so staff at the rescue centre set about slowly introducing them to new experiences.

Animal caregiver Lauren Bohin has taken Peppa, who has a broken nose, under her wing. She spent a lot of time bonding with the frightened baby.

Lauren said:

«Peppa and George were very nervous when they first came to us. So we knew it would take a lot of time and patience for us to gain their trust.»

“Peppa was nervous of everything and we soon realised she would react to strangers and other dogs because she was scared. We spent time earning her trust and building up her confidence and she’s come such a long way already.
One of the most memorable moments I had with her was when she slowly came up to me, stood on my lap and licked my face. I really felt like I’d finally earned her trust.»

«Every day she reveals more and more of her true nature: a sassy little dog with lots of love!»

Peppa has been engaged with the staff. And now she walks past strangers and other dogs without fear, not reacting to them. The staff would like her new owners to continue positive training with her to further build her confidence and help her relax when she is outside.

Lauren added:

«Peppa really loves people and will do everything to make you happy. She is a pleasure to work with. She really loves food, which makes it easy to train her. Most of all, she loves to cuddle on the couch, play with her toys, learn new tricks, and use her nose to learn smells.»

Peppa is looking for a home with owners who have the patience and time to continue her training. Ideally she’d live in a rural location, giving her space to slowly grow in confidence, and would be the only pet.

She loves human company so would like an owner who is home for much of the day and is happy spending quality time with her.

Lauren added: “I will miss Peppa so much when she’s adopted and there will definitely be a tear or two when she goes! She has taught me so much and I am very grateful for being able to work with such an amazing dog. Whoever gets to adopt her will be very lucky to have such a loving and intelligent dog.”

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