This lovely lioness underwent complicated surgery

A lioness rescued from a zoo underwent surgery after years of inbreeding. Chobe was rescued from a zoo in Oklahoma and now lives at WildCat Ridge Preserve in Oregon.

A scan revealed that the cat had a bloated uterus caused by an infection.
The staff noticed it when the lioness stopped eating. Doctors at Oregon Veterinary Hospital then removed the uterus and ovaries of the five-year-old lioness.

Dr. Cathy Townsend, who is a veterinarian said: «It’s basically the same as spaying a cat, but on a mega scale.» «The surgery went pretty well.»

«We expect her to make a full recovery after this.»

«We hope that this surgery will help make sure that she is okay, and that she can return to a life of peace and happiness. And that’s the one thing we want for all of our residents.»

It’s good that there are such kind people in the world who help our four-legged friends.

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