This student is recognized as the best students in the world! The whole world is proud of its development

The best student in the world according to the Global Student Prize was 17-year-old Igor Klimenko. The winner was chosen among 50 applicants, but only the Ukrainian conquered the jury with his knowledge and skills. In addition to the title, he also received 100 thousand dollars for the development of technologies for remote mine clearance.

Igor Klimenko is a student of the Kiev Polytechnic Institute, Faculty of Physics and Mathematics. When the war in the east of Ukraine began, he moved to the 5th grade, but even then the guy understood that his country needed help. A little boy interested in science decided to apply his knowledge to the development of robots for mine clearance and in the 10th grade began to include quadrocopters and drones in his ideas.

Over the past two years, Igor has been actively working on his latest development, the Quadcopter Mines Detector, which he successfully presented at numerous competitions and exhibitions. He became a finalist of the X Festival of Innovative Projects «Sikorsky Challenge 2021: Ukraine and the World».

Igor also received a gold medal in the Junior category at the 21st Malaysia Technology Exhibition (MTE) 2022. This award was especially significant because it allowed him to successfully present his world studies.

Igor Klimenko has developed two working prototypes of his device and is now working with investors and various organizations on their rapid practical implementation to help reduce the number of victims from explosive devices and begin the reconstruction of Ukraine.

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