«Too fat to wear our dresses»: 10 celebrities who were rejected by fashion designers because of their weight and figure

Now fashion designers are lining up for the opportunity to work with them. However, a few years ago, when it was not common to be proud of a bodacious form, celebrities with large sizes had problems because of it.
It seems that in recent years, thanks to the growing trend of body positivity, commenting on the appearance of people has become something really indecent. However, there was a time when fashion houses could easily refuse to collaborate with a star due to an insufficiently slim figure. We looked back at some of the talented and powerful women who faced such injustices.

Priyanka Chopra

Just the other day, the actress of Indian origin admitted at a public event that every appearance on the red carpet is like torture for her. And the torture does not start on the eve of the event and not 5 minutes before the red carpet parade — oh no, Priyanka understands in advance that it will be almost impossible to find an outfit for her.

«It has come to my attention that an important, respected person said that my problem is my own clothing size. The samples of dresses that models wear at shows don’t fit me,» Chopra said at a meeting with fans during the South by Southwest Film Festival. «It was frustrating to the point of tears, and I even cried discussing it with my loved ones. But the thing is, not many regular people can wear dresses like that, and what are we all supposed to do now?»

In fact, studying the actress’ images for events, it’s hard to believe that this is really such a problem. Priyanka always looks stunning, but as her stylist Lo Roach said, he really had to be imaginative and use all his connections.


The singer admitted that at the time of her participation in Destiny’s Child, many «luxury brands» refused to dress the daring trio. The girls’ first costumes were sewn by their closest relatives or acquaintances.

«Big brands didn’t even want to look at the three girls, and we couldn’t afford designer dresses and fancy accessories. My mom and uncle sewed our first suits themselves,» the singer told the CFDA Awards in 2016.

But now who wouldn’t love to make a costume for Beyoncé?

Khloe Kardashian

It frustrated the blonde that even for the family TV show she was never given the freedom of fashion choice, and the choice of clothes was not so good in principle. All the attention of stylists was always focused on the slimmer and more petite Kim and Courtney. It could be said that it was this pressure and constant criticism of the show’s audience into the figure of Kardashian Jr. that served as a powerful motivation to lose weight.

«I am convinced that the fashion industry and people in general began to pay attention to me only when I lost 15kg,» says the blonde.

Indeed, after her phenomenal transformation and the launch of the «Revenge Body» project, interest in the statuesque blonde, has multiplied.

Bryce Dallas Horward

To go on the red carpet at the Golden Globes in 2016, the actress bought herself a dress. Moreover, the star had to do it at the very last moment, as no brand responded to her written requests to borrow a dress.

This incident coincided with the case when the actress was asked to lose weight for her role in the movie «Jurassic World». True, to sit on a strict diet, she still refused, as she understood: a sharp change of diet, a busy shooting schedule and performing stunts would kill her health.

Melissa McCarthy

Despite the fact that the star has long been called «the best comedienne,» finding a designer willing to make her an outfit for the Oscars in 2012 proved impossible.

«I went to five or six high-profile houses, and they all said categorically no. Even for an event like this, they weren’t ready to make an outfit for a plus-size girl!» — Melissa complained.

Such a sad experience prompted the actress to take up her own business — she created a clothing line for plus-size women.

«Fullness should not prevent a woman from dressing up and feeling fashionable and attractive!» — convinced Melissa.

Christina Hendricks

The actress honestly admits that the regular refusals of designers caused a serious blow to her self-esteem. The owner of an hourglass figure constantly hinted that she should lose weight.

«People said nice, wonderful things about me. They said I was talented and that I was a great fun person. Yet no designer in town has ever loaned me a dress. I’ve never been asked to lose weight for a role, but it’s like designers are forcing me to do it,» Hendricks worried.

Barbie Ferreira

The star of «Euphoria» has long made it clear that she is a girl of character. According to one version, her departure from the series is due to the fact that the director of the project decided to change the style of the heroine. In addition, it angers her and the fact that finding an outfit for any event is a whole ordeal for her to this day.

«Pudgy women are not allowed to be unusual, bright and stylish. So don’t expect much from my designer looks in the future. At least until society has an epiphany,» Barbie said sharply on her social media.

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