Unique places and amazing sights around the planet that many people may not have known about

Do you have any idea how many insanely cool but little-known places there are on our planet that can make the strongest visual impression on us? And there are thousands of them, if it’s even realistic to count them. We invite you to explore the world a little further and look at images of some of the lesser-known but still impressive natural and man-made landmarks.

Casa do Penedo — a house built between boulders, Portugal

The quaint cottage was built in 1974.

An ancient Roman pool by the sea

A top view of the Italian city of Portofino

The sun’s rays at sunset penetrate the cave at just the right angle to illuminate this patch of ice, making it look like amber

«Black Crack» in Canyonlands National Park, UTA, USA

A natural split a metre wide and deep enough that the person who fell through it would not survive.

An aerial view of the Fagradalsfjall volcano eruption in Iceland, which began in March 2021

Probably the most picturesque football field in the world, Greenland

A mysterious black house in Stuttgart, Germany

Chicago’s skyscrapers can be seen from 80 kilometres away at sunset in the Indiana dunes

A very long Chinese city on the Nanxihe River in Yunnan province

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