Unusual clouds appeared in Australia

Our planet is rich in places that fascinate thousands of people who contemplate them. And one of the most amazing gifts of nature, which will certainly be appreciated by romantics, artists and all who love beauty, are unusual clouds, having an interesting name «Morning Glory».

Australian, nearly one-kilometer clouds, which get such a striking name, have a very unusual appearance and give the impression of long, fluffy strips-rolls of white, hovering at a height of 1 to 2 km. On rare occasions, these thunderstorm collars drop to 200 meters. The speed of unusual clouds is about 60 km/h.

Quite often the Morning Glory is accompanied by squally winds and abrupt changes in surface pressure.

Scientists, as might be expected, have tried to figure out the nature of such an amazing meteorological phenomenon as the Morning Glory. The best minds of mankind have come to the conclusion that clouds get such an amazing shape because the air in the front of them moves faster, shifting some of the mass of the cloud upward, while the air in the back moves downward, resulting in a roll shape.

Nevertheless, scientists have not been able to fully explain the nature of the Morning Glory’s appearance.

There are many versions: some say that the Australian phenomenon is a «sleeping» tornado, others prove that its nature belongs to the thunderstorm gates, there is an opinion that the Morning Glory is nothing but the spiral arms of cyclones. In any case, regardless of the nature of the phenomenon, it looks impressive.

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