Warm floors, heating and electricity: a veterinarian built a chic village for dogs

Veterinarian Radoslaw Fedaczynski from Poland has long dreamed of making not just a shelter for stray dogs, but a real village where they would be warm and comfortable as in their own home.

Beautiful wooden cabins, warm floors, heating, electricity, sofas and soft cribs — this is not the description of a room in a luxury hotel, this is just an animal shelter.

The doctor called this complex «The Dog Village,» where the dogs that Radoslav rescued live and are waiting for their new owners.

«Why the Dog Village? I dreamed of a place where the dogs wouldn’t sit in boxes with concrete floors or in pens with rotting boards. I wanted the dogs to feel at home. And every handler or potential owner could spend a day with them,» he says.

Now there are seven houses in the village. They have all the conditions for the comfortable and safe living of animals. It is these houses that prepare the dogs for «adoption» and a home environment in the best possible way.

Shelter workers give the pets 8-10 hours, including walks and feedings. And there is a veterinary clinic and animal rehabilitation center near the village.

In all, Radoslav plans to build forty houses in the village. Funds to build them are collected through donations.

It would be wonderful if in the future all shelters could be transformed into such villages. Then even those fluffy animals who were not lucky enough to find a family will have a chance for a decent life.

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