«We’re a regular family!» A 31-year-old woman and a 17-year-old teenager had a baby. The boy delivered the baby himself

In Britain, a 31-year-old woman who gave birth to a child by her 17-year-old lover insists that they are an ordinary family and asks not to interfere in their relationship.

The woman assures that the guy is even happy to be a father. Jack and Catherine met on the Internet, and the teenager was not embarrassed by the fact that the woman is almost twice his age. What’s more, he even delivered a baby himself! Jack recently talked about what a joy it is to be a father.

The romance between the lovers spiraled rapidly, Jack was only 16 years old at the time. Seven months after the start of their relationship, they announced that they were expecting a baby. Now, the young parents are determined to prove that there is nothing strange or bad in their relationship.

Catherine already has children — a 13-year-old and a 5-year-old girl. They all live as one big family. And Jack even dropped out of school to be with his beloved all the time. Catherine insists that her lover gets along very well even with her older daughter, who is not much younger than her «father».

Catherine said she was beginning to experience pain, and the couple went to Sunderland Royal Hospital. But there the doctors assured them that it was premature to worry.

«I continued to go to the hospital for the next few days. I went five times, and each time they sent me home because they said I wasn’t ready to give birth yet. But I felt the baby was on the way, I had already had two babies, so of course I knew how it was!»

After the fifth trip to the hospital, Catherine and Jack were going to bed and then her water broke.

«I was screaming in pain when Jack called the hospital and they started telling him what to do to help me give birth, right over the phone. Jack was terribly scared, but he ended up doing great. The birth took place in the bedroom of the house. He managed to get my pajamas off and he could already see the baby’s head.»

The baby looked alarmingly blue, as if she didn’t have enough oxygen. Jack quickly oriented himself. He wrapped the baby in a towel and began rubbing her body. After a few minutes, she turned pink and began to cry, which was such a relief to the young parents.


«I cried with emotion. Jack was so fantastic. Even though he’s only 18 now, he did great. Some men faint when they are in a hospital room without even doing anything! Jack is really mature for his age. Despite the age difference, we did great. Once he got over the shock, he loved being a daddy. While other guys his age are hanging out with their mates and drinking, Jack is here with me, and he’s a great dad to our little Jane. When Jane is older, we’ll tell her how his daddy brought her into this world.»

Catherine admitted that she had her doubts about dating Jack, who is 14 years younger than she is. Jack’s mother Angela, who is eight years older than her, was «shocked» when she heard about their relationship. But Catherine doesn’t feel at all that there is an age gap between her and Jack. Jack has taken a job at an auto repair shop, providing for the family.


«My pregnancy was going smoothly, and Jack was really amazed when he saw the 20-week ultrasound. He was so excited, he just couldn’t wait for the baby to be born. He’s not squeamish about changing a diaper, and he’s great at feeding the baby from a bottle. Our whole family and friends were amazed at what Jack does for us and the baby. I still can’t believe it. When I look at him, I just marvel at what he’s done.»

Jack confessed:

«It was quite a shock when Catherine started giving birth in the bedroom. It was pretty surreal. But I’m proud of what I did.»

Catherine and Jack’s daughter is now 9 months old and growing up to be a healthy baby girl.

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