When I picked up the dog, I got a text message afterwards: «He doesn’t mind drinking, he likes bread and water»

This story started on the internet, where people were oohing and aahing at the sight of a dog running down the street and barking at everything around it: cars, trains, even people.

A dog called Tim turned out to be unwanted for breeding and his owner, a divorced woman, could no longer look after him.

Tim had to live outside and find food by himself. He was scared and helpless, but he still managed to come to me and even get into the car. We drove off, not knowing exactly where we were going, but the main thing was to get away from where there was so much fear and misery.

When I petted Tim, he looked me in the eye as if to say thank you. I came for one dog, but I took three. I couldn’t leave them there, in that hellhole. They deserved a better life. And so began a new chapter in their lives. We washed and dressed Tim.

I already had cats and a dog at home. We brought them home from the shelter. They quickly felt at home and surrounded by care and love.

Tim made friends with me straight away and started protecting me on the street to make sure no one came near me. On arrival we went to the vets. X-rays and tests were done. Tim was found to have heart problems and high blood pressure, probably due to his previous lifestyle.

He also had signs of trauma and a concussion on his head. He only had seven teeth left and they were all in bad condition, causing a terrible smell.

Because of an injury, one of his eyes could no longer see.

We spent a lot of time and effort recovering him from his past life. We were able to stabilize his blood pressure and removed his rotten teeth.

After these operations, the dog’s life is brighter and more joyful. Tim can now run after his tail and pretend to attack pigeons in the street. He has fully embraced his hunting nature.

It would seem that we have begun to live and rejoice, but we are facing another operation. We have to remove Tim’s eye. He is in constant pain and cannot see. The doctors think that removing his eyeball will help relieve the pressure and his suffering.

Only Tim knows how much he has been through and how much pain he has overcome. But now he has found a home where he is loved and cared for. We will do everything we can to give him a better life and give him a chance for a happy future.

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