Which Breed of Dog Suits Your Zodiac Sign

Do you want a pet? The stars are here to help you. Read in our review which breed of dog suits your Zodiac sign.

Aries — Husky

Husky, like its owner, is an emotional and temperamental nature. It needs a lot of personal space. In a small and cramped apartment husky will feel uncomfortable.

Taurus — Pug

Slightly phlegmatic, unhurried pugs love comfort and coziness. Their favorite thing to do is to sniff loudly in their crib after a short walk.

Gemini  — Jack Russell Terrier

Jack Russells are very sociable, agile and intelligent dogs. They love to bathe in everyone’s attention. You will not be bored in their company.

Cancer-the golden setter

Surprisingly agile and fast dogs. They are often used for hunting. However, they can easily live in a quiet environment as well. Calm, judicious, and affectionate, setters are great with children and other pets.

Leo — Sheepdog

These brave, noble and intelligent dogs will faithfully serve their owner. You will always feel safe in their company.

Virgo- corgis

Corgis quickly establish a bond with their owner. They are poised, intelligent, don’t like to be fussy and are easy to train.

Libra — the dwarf spaniel

Playful, cheerful and gentle dogs by nature. Sometimes they can be terribly shy. But for the most part, love to be in the company of loved ones. Easily adapt to the mood of others.

Scorpio- Saint Bernard

Formidable outside and vulnerable inside, Saint Bernards, like Scorpions, are not afraid of any trials. You can always rely on them. These dogs can get a man out of any trouble.

Sagittarius- Dachshund

These small but proud dogs love adventure. They constantly want to have fun. They have a kind disposition, so they are easy to get along with almost everyone.

Capricorn — Russian Greyhound

These dogs are contentedly shy, calm and sensible. However, with all that said, they cannot be ignored. They cannot live without affection and attention.

Aquarius — Toy Terrier

Experts have revealed in this miniature dog a complete lack of aggression. At the same time, they have a lot of activity and playfulness.

Pisces- Deerhound

Friendly, calm, quiet Deerhounds are almost invisible at home. They rarely bark. They adore children and are happy to look after them.

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