While walking the dog, the woman noticed a package containing a small kitten

Every morning Alin went for a walk with her dog. And that day was no exception. While walking, a woman noticed a package on the sidewalk. It seemed very strange to her that the package was moving from side to side, although there was no wind outside.

Coming closer, the woman heard a squeak from the package, similar to a quiet meow. She picked up the package and untied several knots with which it was tied. Inside, Alin saw a kitten. He was very tiny and all wet.

Grabbing the bag with the baby, Alin immediately ran home. The kid was very scared. Therefore, for the first time, Alin allowed him to just lie in the carrier.

When the kitten felt safe, Alin took him to the bath and bathed him, because he was covered in mud.

The woman put the clean and dry kitten in a specially prepared crib for him. The baby was really delighted with his warm blanket. After all, as soon as he lay down on it, he immediately began to purr sweetly.

I had to feed the baby from a syringe. But he really needed food. And as soon as he satisfied his hunger, the baby felt much better.

Alin has several cats at home and after a while the baby got used to their company. He actively participates in cat games, sleeps and eats next to his friends. Aline named the baby Davy.

In just a week, the kitten became unrecognizable. He gained weight, became cheerful and active, his eyes are shining with happiness. After all, this is how he feels in his new home.

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