Wounded tigress carried a baby tiger out of the forest in her teeth: a ranger numbed with fear

The ranger and his family lived in Khabarovsk Krai, and their house was at the edge of the forest. Animals would often come out of the thicket, but as soon as they noticed a human habitation, they immediately retreated into the forest. The ranger noticed this visitor because there was a Siberian tiger near his house, which is a rarity in these parts. The animal also noticed the man, but didn’t run away, and began to examine him attentively.

Jumping tigers can cover dozens of meters, a human cannot run that fast. The tigress had no intention of attacking. She looked at the man carefully, turned around and went back into the forest. The man was able to examine the cat. He noticed that it had blood on its leg, which indicated that the animal was wounded.

The ranger had not yet recovered from the unexpected encounter when the tigress returned. This time she was carrying a baby tiger in her mouth. The baby had just recently come into the world and had not yet had time to open its eyes. The tigress put the baby down on the ground, looked at the man again, and ran away into the wood. After a few minutes Egor got over his state of shock and realized that the wounded tigress had decided that she couldn’t take care of the baby and had brought it to the man’s house, hoping that he would help.

The man picked up the tiger cub and carried it into the house. Egor’s wife was very surprised by the unusual visitor, but after her husband’s story she realized that he had no choice and they needed to help the baby.

There was a long debate about what to do with the tiger cub. The baby was named Amur and it was decided to keep him until he grew stronger and then return him to the wild. The little tiger cub turned out to be very cute and looked more like a house cat than a wild predator. At first the cub was fed with formula feed from a bottle, then he got meat in his diet.

The tiger made friends not only with people, but also with the house cat, having fun playing with it. The couple got used to their unusual pet, but they realized that very soon the tiger would overcrowd the house and they would have to let him go.

At nine months old, the tiger weighed 50 kilograms. He tried to leave the house more and more often, and it became difficult to hide him from the eyes of curious neighbors. The ranger took the tiger for a walk in the woods. The animal’s instincts immediately told him what to do, and he took one last look at the man and disappeared into the woods.

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