Zoo visitors were horrified to see a dog with the tigers: what happened next surprised them even more

An unusual and, at first glance, frightening sight awaits visitors to a Chinese zoo. Every time at the enclosures with the tigers, people discuss their impressions violently.

The guards just smile as they notice the anxious looks and heated discussion. This time the ranger came up just to take a picture, which alarmed the guests even more.

The guests looked into the enclosure where there were four tigers and thought tragedy was about to happen inside. The tigers from all sides surrounded the Labrador retriever, which was lying on the rocks. It was unclear how the dog ended up inside, but the way the tigers were stepping on it made people anxious for the animal’s fate.

In the enclosure live two yellow-black tigers and a pair with white and black stripes. From the outside it seems that they have noticed a stranger in their territory and are trying to surround him.

The white tiger came very close to the dog and took cover behind one of the many stones in the enclosure. The labrador did not notice the predator. The audience saw a quite strange thing happen afterwards: the tiger didn’t attack the dog, but started petting it. A second tiger came up to the dog and also started petting it, and soon the Labrador was surrounded by 4 predators, but they didn’t attack, they wanted to get their share of petting from the dog.

The Labrador didn’t get into the enclosure by accident; the fact is that this dog replaced the tigers’ mother. The mother tigress didn’t want to take care of her babies, refusing even to feed her babies right after they were born. The dog decided to help and nursed both her own babies and the adopted ones.

The Labrador often comes to visit his foster children and plays with them. The tigers are very attached to the dog, they constantly show her their love.

The Labrador turned out to be not only loving, but also stern; when the tigers start getting too naughty, the dog bites them behind the ear.

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