A dirty woman in the middle of the road pleaded with me to save her baby.

I had just discovered my wife, Barbara, being unfaithful with my work friend, Diego. At that moment, she told me that Guillermo was not my biological son.

Apparently, he was the son of Diego, who at the time was out of work and in trouble with the law. Barbara only married me for my family’s money.

«You are not Guille’s father!». Her words tormented me as I drove.

She had lied to me about Guillermo, whom she was already pregnant with. She simply wanted someone to take care of her and the baby, and I was the perfect target.

After she told me the truth, we screamed at each other for what felt like an eternity. I immediately got in my car and went for a drive to clear my head. Hours passed, and it got dark, but I still didn’t know what to do.

Suddenly, a woman jumped into the middle of the road, flailing her arms. I barely had time to activate the brakes.

«Lady, what do you think you’re doing?», I shouted at her.
She didn’t answer me, and began to chant.

«Save the baby! Save the baby!» she repeated in a strange voice.

I thought she might be drunk or worse. She was dirty, and her clothes were in rags. I didn’t know if there really was a baby in danger. But, after some thought, I decided to follow her.

«All right! Take me to the baby,» I said.

She led me through the forest to a car that had hit a tree. There was a baby crying on the grass. She seemed to be almost unharmed.

But then, I saw an unconscious woman in the driver’s seat. I couldn’t reach her, but her head had hit the steering wheel.

I immediately called for an ambulance. When the paramedics arrived, I noticed that the first woman had disappeared.

«There was a ragged woman who brought me here. She was telling me to save the baby. I don’t know where she went,» I told the policeman who questioned me.

«Don’t worry. There are a lot of beggars in these woods. But we’re checking the security cameras, just in case,» the officer said.
I thanked him and followed the ambulance with my car.

The doctors determined that the baby was in perfect health, but her mother needed an operation. I decided to stay. I didn’t want them to be alone. The police found her wallet in her car, and a nurse told me her name: Dora Rodriguez.

We wouldn’t know her daughter’s name until Dora woke up. It took two weeks, and I was at the hospital every day. It was a way to escape from my reality, from my wife’s infidelity and her lies.

«Where am I?» asked Dora when she finally opened her eyes.

«Hello, I am Miguel. You’re at the hospital,» I told her.

«Oh… Oh, my baby! WHERE IS VIRGINIA?» she exclaimed, agitated and trying to get up. I restrained her and tried to calm her down.

«Hey! Calm down. Your baby is fine. She had a couple of scratches, but she’s perfectly healthy. You’ll be fine soon too, according to the doctors,» I explained.

«I understand… I’m sorry. Thank you. But… how did they find me?» asked Dora.

I told her the whole story, including the fact that the woman had disappeared. We kept talking, and I even offered to take her home when she was discharged.

«I can’t thank you enough for all your help. You saved me, and now you are offering to continue to help me,» said Dora.

«It’s nothing. The truth is that it helped me forget about my own problems,» I told her.
I went on to confess my situation with Barbara and my son Guillermo.

«Hey, I have an idea. I’m a lawyer…,» Dora said after hearing my story.

She helped me divorce Barbara, and since my name is on Guille’s birth certificate, she helped me assert my legal paternity.

My wife tried to fight the decision, but Diego’s legal problems did not work in her favor. Ultimately, I received full custody of Guille, and began spending more time with Dora.

Eventually, we got married, and combined our families. We even managed to track down the homeless woman who helped me save Dora that day. Her name was Carolina, and we helped her get off the streets.

«Love, I have a surprise for you,» Dora said to me one morning.

«What?», I asked smiling.

«Guille and Virginia are going to have a baby sibling,» she said happily. I hugged her, and thanked fate for bringing me to the right place at the right time to save Dora.

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