A house in the shape of a shoe. A legend about a woman who lived there many years ago

Within the framework of the project «Abandoned Great Britain», a team of researchers has repeatedly found interesting sights in different places of the country. In one of the issues, there was a strange building in the form of a shoe, about which we will tell you today. The house was found in the middle of the forest. But the researchers do not say the exact location or coordinates, in order to avoid vandalism.

There is one poem about an old lady who lived in a shoe. This verse, according to some sources, was written back in 1794. It is not known who exactly the author of the work is. The poem is written about an old woman who had many children and they all lived in a shoe.

There is also a relatively new version, but there are several lines that differ from the old one. For example, in the old version, at the end of the verse it is written that the grandmother whipped her children and sent them to bed. And in the new version, the mother just sent her children to sleep.

The researchers did not find enough information about the house or the woman and turned to their subscribers. They posted a photo of the building on Facebook and asked to write to those who know the history of the house.

The voices were divided into two parts. The first were sure that in the 50s, a woman lived there and the story is true, while others say that there was an amusement park, part of which is this shoe. After some searching and research, it turned out that both sides were right.

There really was a woman living there in the 50s. And already in the 70s, an amusement park was built there and the house became part of the park. The house is in extremely poor condition and urgent reconstruction is required. After all, it is all covered with moss, and at this rate, the structure may collapse or completely disappear without a trace. But still, the fate of the house-boot is not yet known.

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