A mother of four was fired without pay and two years later she bought the company

A mother of four decides to change careers after being laid off without pay. After two years, a new job allowed her to buy out the company. Melissa worked day and night to support her four growing children.

She worked as a clerk for a baby food company during the day and cleaned a local hotel at night. Melissa’s job was so demanding that she was often exhausted and slept only two to four hours a night. She didn’t even have time for herself, and she only saw her children in the morning before she left for work. The cleaner’s job was not easy.

She had to deal with restless hotel guests who made a mess of the rooms during parties.

Since she worked for a baby-food company, she thought they would be more understanding. Unfortunately, they soon fired her.

Her husband Dave convinced her to look for another job since his monthly income was barely enough to live on. So the woman started looking for a job. And in her spare time, she recorded video blogs about what it’s like to be a mother with four children.

In her blog, Melissa shared her sad story of how her husband left her alone with her children. This candid vlog went viral.

Women sympathized with her and were inspired by her strength and courage. When Melissa realized that the vlog was providing her with a steady income, she quit her cleaning job and stayed home all day with her children. Not only did she start earning a lot more, but she no longer had to spend money on a nanny because she could work from home and take care of the kids at the same time.

After two years, Melissa’s vlog became one of the most watched parenting vlogs. When she officially took over the business, she rebranded it to align it with the young mom market.

She began making videos about baby food products, also inviting mothers, fathers, and expectant mothers, offering them support.

The business became profitable, and Melissa had two steady streams of income. Finally, her ex-husband heard about her success and tried to return to her after three years away.

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