A young Swiss man quit his job, sold everything and and moved to Africa to save wildlife

Unfortunately, these days, people seem to forget about nature. All they care about is money, and because of this greed, the world ends up destroying the place we all call home — planet Earth.
We are all aware of the effects of climate change, we are all witnesses to the the mass extinction of wildlife and we’re doing nothing about it. Fortunately, there is hope, because there are still people who love wild animals so much that they’ll do anything to protect them. And this young man is the perfect example of what it means to be truly aware and involved.

Dean Schneider is a 26-year-old animal lover from Zurich, Switzerland. From an early age, Dean learned to love and respect wildlife. And two years ago, in search of his passion and nature, he made the biggest decision of his life. He decided to give up his prestigious job, sold everything and moved to South Africa, to save wild animals.

Here, Dean has launched his dream project — Hakuna Mipaka. A place where rescued
wild animals are cared for. A paradise on earth for lions, zebras, hyenas and even even baboons who had been forced to live in miserable conditions. The name of the place means «no limits» in the Swahili dialect, as do Dean’s projects.

«My mission is to reach as many people as possible and educate them about wildlife and the beauty of the animal kingdom. I believe in the power of knowledge, passion and visual storytelling to change people’s perceptions and save wildlife by messages of respect and love for animals and their essential value to our planet,» Dean explains of his organization’s mission.

This kind-hearted man has spent his entire life so far protecting wildlife, because, as he says, «we only protect what we love!»

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