An unusual girl came to our orphanage. She had black hair and blue eyes. The girl’s name was Milana

An unusual girl came to our orphanage. She had black hair and blue eyes. The girl’s name was Milana.

Milana was a very well-mannered child, never cried much and always, when she did something, said: «My mother taught me that.»

It was obvious that the girl missed her. But no one would come for her.

Milana’s mother gave birth to her by a Frenchman, who, of course, was not even aware of it. A short romance, on a trip to Paris. Mom adored her daughter, said it was the best she could bring back from France. But she was in no hurry to tell the girl’s father.

Milana’s grandmother never forgave her daughter for having a child out of wedlock. All her life she reproached her for it and was not interested in her granddaughter.

Milana grew up a bright girl, but when she was three years old, her mother suddenly died of cancer. Her grandmother abandoned her granddaughter as soon as she found out. That’s how Mila came to us.

We understood that she was a beloved child at home and that it would be hard for her in an orphanage, but Mila held herself with confidence, like a real French girl.

From time to time she would ask when they would take her home, but she didn’t get upset when they told her they didn’t know. She just kept waiting. Wait and believe.

And then, our director, found Milana’s dad! It was just unbelievable!

We immediately wrote him a letter and sent it! There was no answer, but after a couple of months, her dad came himself! He didn’t speak English well, so he had an interpreter with him. It turned out he didn’t know anything about his daughter and was seeing her for the first time.

He was very happy. Especially when Milana ran up to him and said :

«Daddy, well hello!»

Of course, she saw him for the first time, too. But apparently the girl was overwhelmed with emotion, and she let her feelings run wild.

Then there was a long and difficult formalization. As they were leaving, Milana said:

«You don’t miss me, Daddy and I will come see you later.»

It was touching.

And they came when Mila was six years old. They just came to visit us. Mila was unrecognizable, her daddy dressed her up nicely! A little fashionista.

They are doing very well.

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