How the lives of world’s first all-girl sextuplets turned out years later

Janet and Graham Walton really wanted to be parents. But their natural desire to have children soon turned into a real life challenge. For several years Janet tried many times to get pregnant. But in vain.

The couple finally decided to try assisted reproductive technology (ART). Unfortunately, it didn’t work either. After twelve attempts, Janet never got pregnant. The couple’s hopes were already beginning to fade when a miracle happened. On Janet’s 13th attempt at ART, she finally got pregnant.

When Janet and Graham found out they were pregnant, they were over the moon.

All their suffering seemed to finally be over. They were anxiously awaiting the birth of their firstborn. But when Janet’s doctor examined her in her eighth week of pregnancy, it was revealed that she would become a mother to not one child, but six!

Janet and Graham were completely shocked by the news. They hadn’t expected to have so many children, at least not at one time.

Janet was soon hospitalized and had to stay in the hospital until the babies were born. The mother-to-be had to be under full medical supervision because being pregnant with so many babies at one time carries an increased risk of miscarriage.

On November 18, 1983, at 31 weeks pregnant, Janet gave birth to six healthy girls. The babies were born by Caesarean section at a hospital in Liverpool, England, and were the world’s first all-girl sextuplets.

They were discharged from the hospital in January 1984 after doctors were satisfied that the girls were healthy and safe.

«They were born healthy at 31 weeks gestation. Two of the girls were placed in incubators because their lungs didn’t have time to develop in the womb,» said daddy Graham.

The miraculous birth of sisters Hannah, Ruth, Lucy, Kate, Jenny and Sarah was watched by the world. Their lives were destined to be different from most others.

Janet and Graham bought about 11,000 diapers a year and barely slept for the first few years of their children’s lives.

Their parenting life began to look like endless cycles of feedings, diaper changes, and brief nap breaks.

But it wasn’t just the first years of life for the girls who were born that were hard for Graham and Janet.

For many years the parents could not catch a break: school, lessons, girls’ puberty, and all at once for six daughters at once.

Life for the Walton family was always hectic!

«The early years of the girls’ lives flew by … My only regret is that there wasn’t enough time to set aside worries and just enjoy life as our extended family,» Janet recalls.

But despite the constant lack of time, Graham and Janet adored and were proud of their daughters.

There was always happiness and joy in the home. The sisters’ relationship to each other was and still is incredibly strong.

The girls are all grown up. Now they are adults and successful people.

Some of them married and started their own families. Sarah was the first of the sisters to have children. She gave birth to a daughter, Yorgi, in 2014.

Graham and Janet are now happy grandparents.

Janet is thrilled with her granddaughter:

«I loved raising and bringing up our daughters. I can’t say that any stage in their lives was better than another. It’s just that there was always so much to do that we couldn’t fully enjoy our family life. It’s different with our grandchildren,» Janet said.

With such a large and friendly family, Yorgi will have a wonderful childhood, we’re sure! How nice that Graham and Janet can now enjoy time with their granddaughter without the constant stress and hassle.

We are sure there will be more grandchildren in the family soon!

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