«I wasn’t afraid to die, I just ran to save him.» 17-year-old was rewarded for saving a boy who fell through the ice

Everything happened back at the end of March. Alexander and his mother were walking their dog near Ust-Izhora when they heard a woman’s voice calling for help. Two boys were drowning in the river.Sasha did not hesitate to rush to the children. One of them managed to get out on the shore, but the other fell into the river and continued drowning.

«There was no splash or fuss, but I could see he was drowning,» Alexander recounted.

Sasha’s mother threw him a leash to pull the drowning child out. The boy ran on the ice for about 10 meters, and when he heard a crunch underfoot, he got down on all fours and began crawling. Upon reaching the boy, Sasha threw him a leash. When the teenager began to pull the child out, the ice under him broke and he, too, was in the water. The boy did not get confused, swam to a place where the ice is thicker, continuing to pull the boy behind him.

«I didn’t have time to think about it, I wasn’t afraid of death, I just ran to the rescue,» Alexander said. «I think everyone would have done that in my place.»

That’s humanity. Let’s always be human.

At that time two more men with a snowcone and a machine rope ran up to the shore. Thirty minutes later, both managed to successfully make it to dry land.

Presenting the award, Natalia Putilovskaya, Chairwoman of the Education Committee, addressed Alexander’s mother.

«Thank you for raising such a son — a real man, a helper, a reliable man!»

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