It’s the fire! Lopez, 54, responded to the criticism by dancing by the pool in micro-floats.

Detractors of the gorgeous Jennifer Lopez criticize the Hollywood diva’s appearance: Jennifer chooses outfits that don’t match her age, sometimes wearing skirts that are too short or dresses that are too fitted. Restless Internet users remind Lopez of her age and how she should dress to please everyone. It seems that the dark-haired young woman is somewhat weary of her fans’ prickly comments and remarks.

A few days ago, Jennifer began dancing poolside wearing a tiny outfit, signifying to detractors that the dogs bark and the caravan passes. Connoisseurs of feminine beauty flocked to Lopez’s new photos like bees to honey. «A feast for the eyes», «Perfect from head to toe», «I wish I looked this cool at 54.»

«I’m going to show my mother what 54-year-olds are doing on the web these days»,
«Wow», «I’m speechless», «Jennifer, bravo», — I read under the beauty’s publication.
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