Mommy, I want you to be there for me!

Mom made dinner and called Dad and me into the kitchen. We were reading a book in the nursery at the time. As soon as we put everything in its place, we heard a terrible rumble. When we ran into the kitchen, we saw mom on the floor. There was blood near her mouth.

Dad quickly called the doctors. He held Mom in his arms and cried a lot. He begged her not to leave. Don’t go where? Where could Mom go if she was lying down? I didn’t understand anything.

Mom had been very weak lately. If she used to play catch-up with me on the playground, now all she could do was sit on the bench and watch me from the sidelines. She was very fast and cheerful. Now she often cried and took her medicine. My mother could only play with me sitting up, because she simply had no strength.

When the ambulance arrived, Dad took me to a neighbor’s house, and he drove with Mom to the hospital. I looked out the window and waited for them to come back together. I was really worried about my mom getting shots. She doesn’t like them so much!

Dad came back when I was already asleep. Through my sleep I heard him crying and telling the neighbor about some kind of leukemia. He said Mom was in a coma. What was that? I learned that Mom might not come home. How is that possible? She loves me so much!

Two months later, Dad came home and said I could go with him to the hospital. Before, the doctors wouldn’t let me see my mom, but this day came. I was very happy, but for some reason my father cried all the time.

Before I entered the room, my father hugged me and said:

«Sonny, you have to say goodbye to your mother. This is your last meeting…»

Mom was very pale. All sorts of tubes were sticking out, and her eyes were closed. I really wanted to cry, but I knew my mom would be upset, so I held on. I’m a man!
I took her hand and whispered:

«Mommy, I really want you back. Daddy and I miss you. There’s no one to read stories to, and it’s time to fill up the fire station. Take my strength, Mommy. I have plenty, because I ate all my porridge this morning.»

Mom stroked my hand. I ran out of the room and screamed:

«Daddy, she’s back! I gave her my powers!»

My father and the doctors thought I was crazy. But when they entered the room, they realized that Mom had regained consciousness. It was a miracle! It had to be. Mommy was on the mend. And a few weeks later she was discharged from the hospital, and everything fell into place.

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