My husband hid the fact that he was rich until I was discharged from the hospital with our son

Milana and David met in the hospital: the man was admitted to the hospital with abdominal pain, and the girl was his attending physician. At first David joked with Milana, because she was very young and had recently graduated. But during the time he spent in the department, the man felt strongly about the caring and beautiful girl and began to take care of her. He sent her flowers by courier, and on the day she was discharged he invited her to the theater. Milana agreed.

The relationship soon developed into a family relationship and the young people got married. The couple lived in Milana’s apartment, because his spouse’s apartment was at the other end of town and it was a long drive to get to work.A year later, Milana became pregnant. David was very excited about becoming a father soon and was preparing some surprise for his wife. As she did not ask him, he did not say what it was.

Milana gave birth to a healthy baby boy. On the day of discharge, David met her in a huge limousine with the woman’s parents and lots of flowers and balloons. The woman was surprised and even wanted to scold her husband a little at first for not spending so much. But the next gift made her smile even more: a beautiful ring in the shape of a baby’s little foot and a big gemstone.

The limo started, but on the way out of the maternity hospital grounds, it suddenly turned the other way and Milana didn’t understand where they were going.

«Honey, where are we going? After all, our house is the other way!»

«You’ll find out soon enough, I hope you like it!»

A limousine stopped in one of the city’s upscale neighborhoods. The couple with the child and the woman’s parents took the elevator up to one of the higher floors. David bought a huge four-room apartment and furnished it with the most expensive and high-quality appliances and furniture. And he made the children’s room in such a way that it looked like he bought up the whole children’s store.

David confessed that he was the founder of a huge law firm and his previous wife had only been with him for money and he decided to find someone who would accept him with all his shortcomings and who was also not rich. He wanted to confess everything earlier, but knowing Milana’s hot temper he was afraid she would leave him.

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