My mother left me 5 years old at the store and disappeared forever

At this point I had grown up and started a family. I got married and had two children. However, my life was not always so prosperous. A long time ago I was abandoned. And no one needed me. Some people don’t remember their childhood very well or if they do, they remember it in fragments. I, on the other hand, remember most of what happened very well.

When I grew up, I was told that my father left me. This had already happened when I was in school. But I remember well about my mother, how she left me once in a store and never came back. I walked with my mother very hungry, but she wasn’t going to buy me anything. And I asked her so much for a cake. My mother looked at me angrily and said:

«You’re the one who ruined my whole life!»

After that, she told me to wait for her on the bench near the counter, turned around, and walked back the other way. Then I never saw her again. Some man bought me that cake. I ate it quickly and sobbed. However, I do not like confectionery for life — it reminds me of the betrayal of my mother.

Even when I was sent to the orphanage, I felt hope that sooner or later my parents would take me home. I so wanted to live with my father and mother. She came to see me one day, just before I was taken in by my new family. I remember that conversation, too. She did not apologize to me, but reproached me, trying to justify herself. As it turned out, it was me who had ruined her entire career and even her life.

At the time she was about to give birth to me, my mother had no idea that she would be left without a livelihood or a job. And in general, I was very supposedly lucky to be taken in by strangers. It’s all thanks to her, thanks to the fact that she gave me life. And I owe her a debt of gratitude for that.

By leaving me with her, she could have condemned her daughter to hunger and cold, to a worthless life. And this way, each of us would have a happy, prosperous future. She wanted me to thank her. But I begged her not to go.

Now I have grown to the point where I can say to this woman:

«Thank you for the fact that I know how to appreciate family values, know how to live humanly, have good parents, love them, and they love me. Once they took in an abandoned child, unwanted by anyone. But they were not afraid of difficulties and loved me for nothing. That’s what I am most grateful to them for.»

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