Teacher calls for an urgent meeting with the parents of a child

A six-year-old boy’s drawing and his teacher’s reaction have been the subject of much debate and controversy on the internet.

In fact, the parents who told this story explained how the teacher called them one day and said they needed to come to school for a serious talk.

Before going to their son’s school, they asked him if he had done anything wrong, but he simply replied that his teacher didn’t like what he had drawn.

«We came the next day and his teacher pulled out the drawing and said, ‘I asked him to draw his family and he drew this, can you explain?'» the father shared on his social media.

The drawing showed what looked like four people with ropes around their necks. Well, if someone didn’t know what the boy was trying to draw, the drawing did look alarming.

Mum and Dad explained that the picture was actually of a family snorkelling in the Bahamas.

However, the father’s post sparked an online debate about whether or not the teacher’s action in alarming them about the drawing was justified.

Some said she should have asked the child about it first, but others claimed a six-year-old couldn’t even tell the truth.

«This is bloody hysteria,» wrote one person. «Seriously, who needs this drama?»

«An emergency meeting over this? I know it’s not the best drawing, but I think it’s pretty clear…» wrote another user.

«Who was that teacher?» wondered another. «Children are innocent… they enjoy innocent drawings.»

Supporters of the teacher’s response said something like: «I’d like to know, even if it’s a false alarm… better safe than sorry» and «The teacher did the right thing. These actions save lives. Seriously».

What do you think?

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