The unconditional love of parents can do anything, even bring a newborn baby back to life

Although Kate and David Ogg treasured their relationship, the couple lacked children for complete happiness.

Kate had been trying to get pregnant for a very long time and three years after the wedding, her doctor finally told her the wonderful news — she was having twins!
The parents were over the moon.
They began to prepare for the birth of their children: They decorated the nursery, bought playpens and lots of toys.

For Kate and David, a premature birth in her sixth month of pregnancy was a bitter blow… The woman had major problems with childbirth. The day was a real ordeal for her and the twins.

Kate recalls that after the birth she and her husband were approached by a doctor and asked if they had thought of a name for their son. They replied that they would name the boy Jamie. The doctor then looked at them with sadness in his eyes and whispered: «I’m sorry, children, but we have lost Jamie…». Hearing this, David slowly sat up on the bed.

Kate asked permission to hug her son to say goodbye to him. The boy was very cold. The woman asked her husband to lie down beside him to warm Jamie with his warmth.
She put the little body on her chest and began to tell the baby how much she and Daddy were waiting for him and what a wonderful sister he had. They told their son that uncles and aunts and grandparents were waiting for him at home. They talked to him and cried.

And then, to everyone’s surprise, Jamie inhaled, exhaled, inhaled again, opened his eyes, and took David’s finger in his tiny hand, which was barely bigger than a fingernail. Jamie was alive!
The doctors didn’t know what to say. They couldn’t find a single medical explanation for this miracle — there was no other way to put it.

Two years later, the family welcomed a brother into the family.
Jamie is growing up to be a happy, healthy child and never fails to delight his parents.

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