Veteran paramedic weeps as he answers last call on his last day of work after 40 years

It was an emotional day for Mike Chorney, a veteran paramedic with Halton Region Paramedic Services in Canada. After 40 years of dedicated service to the community, the end of his first responder experience had come.

On February 1, 2023, tears streamed down Chorney’s face as he said goodbye to the service during his last radio call. His colleagues did something unforgettable to show their respect and admiration for the man who had served the community for so long.

For Chorney, his time as a paramedic was more than just a career or profession. It was the driving force in his life and gave him purpose. He described it as a «very good part» of his life.

He spoke fondly of the time he spent working with his colleagues and, while he regretted leaving, he knew the time was right for him to retire.

Halton Region Paramedic Services chief Greg Sage heaped praise on Chorney via a message on Twitter. He wished him well for the future, though he didn’t know the message would go viral.

Other community members applauded the veteran and shared stories of his help. One man recalled Chorney’s positive attitude and how he had influenced his wife’s experience when she needed emergency help after a fall.

The video of Chorney’s last call, posted on Twitter, has since received massive attention, racking up thousands of views and touching the hearts of many. The video, titled «Congratulations to Mike, retiring,» captured an emotional and priceless moment.

«Congratulations to Mike, who is retiring after 40 years of service to the residents of Halton,» reads the description of the footage.

One of Chorney’s colleagues took the liberty of reading over the radio about his accomplishments, achievements, which brought tears to the paramedic’s eyes. It was the perfect send-off for a man who was the epitome of professionalism and excellence.

Chorney, moved, was grateful for the thoughtful words as he wiped away tears with a handkerchief. A lump rose in his throat at the meaningful moment, noting that more people were watching him now than ever before.

Despite his emotional state, Chorney’s sense of humor was still present and he tried to lighten the mood with a light chuckle. Before hanging up the transceiver, he took a moment to thank his now former co-workers and express his gratitude for their support.

He has touched countless lives as a paramedic, and his colleagues and the community will never forget him.

Numerous netizens were amazed by Chorney’s dedication and length of service. People expected him to enjoy his well-deserved retirement and rest.

The outpouring of love and gratitude from the community demonstrated how much Chorney meant to those he had served and how his legacy of kindness would endure.

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