«A caregiver for an elderly husband». Catherine Zeta-Jones was spotted on vacation with her 78-year-old husband

The paparazzi are keeping a close eye on one of Hollywood’s most famous couples. In fact, Catherine and her husband don’t often appear in public for the pleasure of the photographers. In recent days, however, the paparazzi have managed to capture the brunette on vacation with her 78-year-old husband.

Internet users have noticed that Michael, despite his venerable age, is trying to keep pace with his young wife: he straightens his back at the sight of the paparazzi and walks forward with his head held high.

«They were a wonderful couple. Now Catherine looks after Douglas like an elderly father.»

«This is what happens to women who choose men who could be their fathers.» «Certainly one of the strongest couples in Hollywood.» «I feel sorry for Katherine. Such a beautiful woman and she’s living with a grumpy old man.»

“She’s like his companion,” Internet users wrote in the comments under the new photos of Douglas with his wife.

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