A delicate, fragile creature: the young Whoopi Goldberg could make anyone fall in love with her

Whoopi Goldberg gained recognition as an adult. She often played comic roles as a perky, curvaceous young woman. However, her filmography is full of work in which the artist appeared rather young. In the film «The Color Purple», Goldberg was already 30, but that didn’t stop her from playing the vulnerable, sensual role of Celia. At the time, the actress had a rather frail figure and didn’t wear flashy or provocative outfits.

In an image taken from a Stephen King film, Goldberg looks frightened and very unsure of herself. She has fine facial features, in which it’s hard to recognize the Whoopi Goldberg everyone knows. The actress herself would probably not choose a modest outfit similar to that of her character these days. Today, the actress These are far more daring than the role of Celia, the dark-skinned young woman fighting for her civil rights.

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