A paparazzi spotted Jack Nicholson suffering from dementia for the first time in a long time

For some time now, Jack Nicholson has not been acting in films or appearing in public. The reason is that the 85-year-old actor is suffering from dementia. He is cared for by his son and daughter. Nicholson lives in his sumptuous mansion, but rarely leaves the house. However, this does not stop the paparazzi from watching the actor day and night near his home.

Amazingly, for the first time in a very long time, paparazzi managed to snap a rare photo of Jack Nicholson. The actor was captured on the balcony as he stepped out for some fresh air. Nicholson contemplated the road for quite a while, listening to the birdsong. He looked very unkempt: messy hair, unshaven beard, dressed in an old, worn T-shirt.

Those close to the actor point out that, physically, Jack Nicholson is doing well. However, his spirit is not the same. The actor is simply unrecognizable. He spends his days alone, even if his children are around. Social network users have commented on how sad it is to see what has become of such a talented man.

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