At 78, Françoise Hardy can barely speak and is fighting for her last wish: to be euthanized in France

The «physical suffering has already been so terrible» for Françoise Hardi that she is «afraid that death will force her to go through even more physical suffering. It is a woman in distress, but who continues to enjoy life, who has made a request to the French authorities: the right to assisted suicide.

Indeed, at her current stage, she is «not afraid to die, but very, very afraid to suffer». What she is most afraid of is «having to separate herself from the two people who are most dear to her. That is to say, her son, Thomas Dutronc and her ex-husband, Jacques Dutronc, who have remained very close to her despite their separation.

Françoise Hardy Can No Longer Face Her Illness

Françoise Hardy first battled a cancer of the lymphatic system that she was diagnosed with in 2015. Because of the disease, she had to stop her musical career and gradually withdrew from the media scene. Knowing that she had beaten her lymphoma, Thomas Dutronc’s mother became much weaker.

Unluckily, she was diagnosed with a second cancer, in 2018, and this time it was a cancer of the pharynx. The treatments she underwent unfortunately had side effects on her, costing her an ear.

«Since my 45 radiation treatments, the permanent lack of saliva and lack of irrigation to the skull and the entire ENT area has made my life a nightmare.»

In addition to hearing loss, she has to live with the constant threat of nasal bleeding. And once, because of a hemorrhage, her back throat dried up. This caused her to have «coughing and choking fits.» She also revealed that she «spends at least five hours a day» feeding herself.

«I don’t have anything that works normally since these therapies and my nights are worse than my days. There are always worse things than what you suffer from yourself, but that’s no consolation.»

At present, only her ex-partner and her son give her the joy of living. As for the disease, she does not want to face it anymore, to the point of wanting to «leave while she sleeps» and not wake up. It seems that her condition continues to worsen and that she is «near the end».

Recently, the singer-songwriter informed the public that she is no longer able to speak.

Françoise Hardy has trouble speaking

Increasingly weakened by the disease, Françoise Hardy has difficulty speaking orally. Exceptionally, she granted an interview by e-mail to the magazine Femme Actuelle to give news on her health.

«We would have liked to hear this mythical voice talk about her life, her regrets and her memories, the loves of her life … her relentless fight against the disease …»

As a reminder, towards the end of January 2022, Erick Benzi, composer and close to Hardy, had already stated that she was no longer able to sing. They worked together on the album of the singer, entitled «Personne d’autre», which they recorded in the studio of Erick in Bois-Colombes.

«This is where Françoise Hardy did the vocals for her last album. It will be her last. Unfortunately, she can no longer sing.»

revealed the composer who has collaborated with many French artists, including Johnny Hallyday, Florent Pagny or Celine Dion.

In the interview with Femme Actuelle, Françoise Hardy also revealed that like everyone else, she «dreams of dying peacefully». Only here, the suffering caused by her disease cannot allow her to realize this dream.

Moreover, it is for this reason that the former companion of Jacques Dutronc wishes, like her mother, to have recourse to assisted suicide.

To fight For The Right To Die In France

Françoise Hardy is not afraid to die and she has already thought about how she wants to leave. Her first wish is then to be euthanized. Her second wish is to die in France, in her native country. Unfortunately, if she wishes to have assisted suicide, it cannot be done in France.

«My mother, who has Charcot’s disease, was very lucky that her doctor found her a hospital doctor who euthanized her… As for me, I would like to have this chance, but given my small notoriety, no one will want to run the risk of being struck off the order of doctors.»

confided the interpreter of «Rendezvous in another life» in the interview by e-mail that she granted to Femme Actuelle.

For several years, Thomas’ mother has been engaged in a battle with French authorities to obtain the right to euthanasia in France.

According to a survey that IFOP published in April 2021, 89% of the French population are in favor of allowing assisted suicide in cases of unbearable and incurable diseases. As the French singer herself said, «the legalization of euthanasia under intelligent conditions is at least as important as PMA.»

On their sides, her ex and her son remain close to Françoise.

«Thomas is very respectful and understanding», as for Jacques, «he does not want» that she suffers «in an inhuman way».

While waiting for the answer to her request, the mother of the family continues to enjoy the good times with the men in her life.

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