Bradley Cooper: «I let my life go free.»

Bradley Cooper is one of the brightest inhabitants of Hollywood. Many of his colleagues say about him so: » Never met a man more charming than him!». Sparkling play, attractive appearance and a drop of luck — these components predetermined the creative success of the American actor. The most famous role of the actor — hapless fiancé Phil from the comedy «Bachelor Party in Vegas», but in his filmography are other outstanding works, and not only comedy genre.

The future idol of millions was born on January 5, 1975 in the family of Gloria and Charlie Cooper. In the veins of the actor interestingly mixed Irish (on the part of his father, a stockbroker) and Italian (on the part of his mother) blood. Perhaps it is this «explosive mixture» of very temperamental nationalities later and became the basis for the progressing with each year the talent of the young man.

As a child, Bradley Cooper was diagnosed with cholesteatoma of the middle ear. Doctors predicted complete hearing loss, but after a series of surgeries (Bradley had to lie under the scalpel repeatedly until adulthood) he got away with «little blood» — since then he had to swim with special plugs.

As Bradley Cooper himself recalls, the desire to become a serious dramatic actor appeared to him at the age of twelve after watching the cult film «The Elephant Man» by David Lynch. This tape made such a strong impression on him that the teenager delved into the history of cinematography, read biographies of actors and himself enrolled in the theater club. After high school, he entered the Catholic University of Villanova (Bradley’s father was a zealous Catholic and insisted on such a choice), from which, however, a year later transferred to Georgetown University. But the strict rules of the Catholic University constrained the creative guy, and he decided to take a student loan of seventy thousand dollars to enter the New York Drama School.

Of all the classmates Bradley Cooper was the first to get a personal agent. That quickly attached the actor: he appeared in the sensational series «Sex and the City», playing the role of one of the countless boyfriends Carrie Bradshaw — Sarah Jessica-Parker. After that, there was shooting in the films «Law and Order», «One Eye», «Street». A small portion of fame Bradley Cooper received after filming in the series «Spy», which was warmly received by viewers and critics and even received several prestigious film awards (including the «Golden Globe»).

For some period in the career of Bradley Cooper came to a standstill. Serious work was not and was not planned, and gradually the actor became addicted to alcohol and drugs. Few could name the movies where he played, but everyone was aware of how he purposefully broke through the concrete floor with his head at one of the Hollywood parties. Twice.

At some point, the actor realized that this can not go on.

«I was afraid that at this rate I will simply destroy my life!», — he recalled.

Taking himself in hand, by the end of 2004, he received a role in the comedy «Uninvited guests.» The main actors of the picture were Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn. Bradley Cooper got the role of an arrogant groom heroine Rachel McAdams. It is this work the actor considers the first significant role in his filmography.

And in 2005, the series «Secrets in the Kitchen» with Bradley Cooper in the title role. In its plot, the rambunctious chef Jack, character traits in many ways similar to Cooper in the not so distant past, opens a restaurant where he can do anything he wants.

In 2008, the man starred in his first horror movie, Midnight Express.

In 2009, the filmography of the actor was supplemented by the comedy «Bachelor Party in Vegas», which later became one of the most recognizable works of the actor.

Apparently, having had enough of the comedy genre, since 2010, the actor began to star more often in serious dramatic films. The filmography of the actor added to the picture «Areas of Darkness» — a psychological thriller about a failed writer who takes a drug that sharpens his intelligence to unimaginable heights.

Thanks to the attractive appearance and great charisma Bradley Cooper has always easily found the keys to the hearts of the first beauties of America. So, in 2006, he married actress Jennifer Esposito, however, their marriage lasted only 4 months.

A new sound novel was also marked by the appearance of Bradley Cooper in the movie «Case # 39». After filming in this tape, the actor began to often appear in public with his screen partner Renee Zellweger. Soon the stars officially declared themselves a couple. Despite the five-year age difference (Renee was older than the boyfriend) they seemed surprisingly cute couple. Alas, at that time only recently achieved worldwide popularity Cooper was afraid of serious relationships and did not want to bind themselves to loud vows of love and fidelity, and in 2011 they announced the split.

His next relationship with beauty Zoe Saldana proved to be short-lived.
But with the beautiful Sookie Waterhouse actor met more than a year and a half. The reason for the breakup, according to the press, was Bradley’s constant communication with Zellweger.

In April 2015, Bradley Cooper began dating Irina Shayk, a Russian model and Cristiano Ronaldo’s ex-girlfriend.

In April 2017, the couple had their first child together. The baby girl who was born was given the name Lea de Shane Shake-Cooper.

In 2018, Bradley tried his hand at directing, casting Lady Gaga in the lead female role. Her on-screen partner was Cooper himself. And it looks like the romance in the movie turned into real life.

In the summer of the same year, Shayk moved out of Cooper’s mansion in Hollywood and moved with her daughter to Manhattan. The reasons for the breakup of the star couple is not completely clear. Rumors that Lady Gaga moved to Bradley in Shayk’s place have not been confirmed.

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