Check out Rihanna’s house, which she rents out for $80,000 a month

Not so long ago Rihanna decided to rent out her luxurious mansion in Beverly Hills, which not everyone can afford. For a month of living in her sunny residence will have to give as much as 80 thousand dollars.

The singer’s mansion is not far from the house of Paul McCartney and other influential people. Moreover, the neighboring house also belongs to Rihanna.

The rented housing has an area of 710 square meters, on which there are five bedrooms and seven bathrooms. At the same time, the mansion has a large sculpture of a black bull, a cozy courtyard with a comfortable terrace, as well as a swimming pool and a spa. The girl bought the property last year for 13.8 million dollars and now decided to make a little money on it.

It is known that this house used to belong to the daughter of the famous American writer and screenwriter Sidney Sheldon named Mary.

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