How does 69-year-old ’70s star Suzi Quatro look like now?

A beautiful, talented performer, the queen of glam rock, she was born in 1950 in the USA. Quatro was fond of music from her early childhood, because Suzi’s father was a jazz performer.

Soon the song of the unknown girl became a real hit.

Then the whole world learned about Suzi. The girl with a guitar in her hands and a leather jacket captivated audiences with her talent and incredible energy. Suzi was married twice.

In her first marriage her daughter Laura was born. Marriage influenced the image of the star: Suzi’s songs became more lyrical and her style became more feminine. After Laura, Richard-Lyonard was born.

It is worth noting that the couple lived together for 14 years. However, the performer’s husband did not support the star wife and the couple broke up. Today, 69-year-old Quattro continues to perform and even travels with tours to different cities.

It is on stage that Suzi feels truly happy.

Quatro is not a fan of social media. The singer’s fans run her page, where news and recent photos of Suzi often appear.

Do you remember Suzi Quatro?

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