How to stay in brilliant shape when you’re over 90: What’s the secret to fitness queen Jane Fonda’s youthfulness

The irresistible queen of fitness, Jane Fonda, is 85 years old. She proves every day by her own example that it is possible to stay in shape at any age. Fonda has long ago turned into a cultural icon. Today the founder of the fitness empire defends the ideas of feminism, is a member of the anti-war movement and fights for ecology. Even her serious health problems do not prevent her from working out.

At the same time Jane says that she works out to be healthy, not thin. In a recent interview with a prominent publication, Fonda shared the secrets of her unfading youth and slender figure.

Jane Fonda says that all her workouts still consist of the same exercises that she has always promoted. Today, however, she has to make some adjustments and perform each exercise a little slower. Working out helps her live life to the fullest. The founder of the fitness empire says she wants to carry her grandchildren in her arms without any problems, and sports help her do that.

At the same time the actress emphasizes the difference between slimness and thinness. According to her, wanting to be thin is wrong and not good at all. First, such an approach harms health, and secondly, turns a person into a deprived and unhappy person. Fonda jokes that whoever sleeps with you afterwards might not like scratching at your bones very much.

Fonda’s video workout, released in 1982 under the unsophisticated title «The Workout,» has become a fantastic bestseller. Today, she has 27 different types of workouts, including low-impact exercises, maternity fitness, yoga and even baby gymnastics. The first recording was made by the actress’ friend and director Sid Galanti. He convinced Jane not to work from a script but to be herself and improvise, avoiding prearranged scenes.

The result surpassed even the wildest expectations. Although Fonda was not the first in the genre, she created a true sensation, thanks to her authenticity and celebrity status. Jane turned the boring process of consistently exercising into a fun and accessible pastime for everyone. The actress continued to make her videos until 2012, when she turned 75.

The star also talked about her relationships with men and how she was drawn to the feminist movement. Fonda said that since childhood she was brought up in patriarchal traditions. She believed that it was necessary to be with a man, to identify her needs only with his desires, to please and obey. And so she did. When she first married, Jane served her husband as best she could. All his friends envied him, saying what a great wife he had. Fonda thought everything was as it should be.

As the actress herself frankly admitted, she learned to love her body and be proud of the fact that she was born a woman only 23 years ago.

So simple was the secret of her youth and beauty: you just have to love yourself.

Fonda recently repeated the style of her successful fitness videos in a new ad campaign for the clothing company H&M. In the video Jane says that she is a driving force for everything in the world and encourages all viewers to «always try to move and grow.» In addition to activism and acting career, Fonda is engaged in tourism, enjoys yoga, is fond of reading and does not mind to go fishing sometimes.

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