«I can’t believe she’s 59»! Sandra Bullock stunned bloggers in a bohemian floral dress

The actress took a stroll in Los Angeles with a friend the day after her birthday. Sandra Bullock chose an elegant and romantic outfit.

The star of «Miss Detective» celebrated her 59th birthday. Paparazzi snapped a few shots of the actress walking with a friend after the party.

Sandra looked fresh and rested. She chose a long bohemian-style dress in a mustard hue with a floral print. The light fabric and lantern sleeves emphasized the actress’ slim silhouette. The Hollywood star wore comfortable khaki-colored Birkenstocks sandals.

Bullock completed her look with hoop earrings and a number of delicate bracelets. She gathered her brunette hair into a ponytail. Long bangs framed the actress’s face, highlighting the light line of her cheekbones. Sandra held a straw summer bag and a small bouquet of pink and white flowers.

The actress’s fans loved her look. «Sandra is dressed like a real lady!», «She looks simply wonderful», «I can’t believe she’s 59!», «Fresh as a rose», bloggers commented.

Sandra put her career on hold to devote time to her children. She confessed that she wanted to be at home more often.

The movie star is raising two adopted African-American children — her 12-year-old son Louis and eight-year-old daughter Leila. The actress revealed that she feels a certain social pressure because her children don’t have the same skin color as her.

Bullock treats her children as her own, loving and caring for them. She assured us that she feels the same way as a dark-skinned woman feels about her children. The interpreter of the role in the film «Premonition» confessed that she sometimes wishes she had the same skin color as her children — so that others could more easily perceive them as a family.

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