Jeremy Renner and his 10-year-old daughter Ava appeared on the red carpet for the first time since the terrible accident

On January 1, the two-time Oscar nominee nearly died under the wheels of his own snowmobile, which was clearing the road from the snow near his home in Lake Tahoe, California. After several operations and three months of rehabilitation Renner was able to appear in public. On the red carpet after a miraculous rescue actor came out in the company of his 10-year-old daughter Ava. The girl was born from his marriage to model Sonny Pacheco. After their divorce, they share custody.

The star father and his daughter attended the premiere of the Disney + Rennervations series, which took place in Los Angeles. Jeremy wore a white shirt, a bright blue fitted suit with a matching tie. He held a black cane in one hand, which he leaned on as he walked, the other clutching his daughter’s hand.

Ava looked adorable in a navy blue silk dress with a flowing skirt and a small train. The girl’s image was complemented by gold jewelry — hula hoop earrings and a chain with a pendant. The schoolgirl who was not used to being in the center of attention, was clearly shy, but her loving father supported her with encouraging smiles.

Sources close to the performer of Clint Barton (Falcon Eye) in the Marvel Cinematic Universe note that he is still «in a lot of pain» after multiple injuries. On the carpet, however, Renner was careful not to show it. He was joined by friends and family members to celebrate his latest project. Renner even asked an assistant to pick up his cane and posed without it.

«Renervate» also stars the artist’s partner in «The Avengers» and «Lord of the Storm,» 44-year-old Anthony Mackie. The series was filmed in 2022 and was completed before the accident.

Jeremy was hospitalized in critical condition after being run over by a 14-ton vehicle. On the eve of the premiere, the actor appeared on The Jimmy Kimmel Show. He said he was incredibly lucky, as he was diagnosed with 35 broken bones, a collapsed lung and liver damage from a crushed rib after the accident.

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