Julia Roberts’ 18-year-old daughter looks just like her mother, but blonder. What does she look like today?

Julia Roberts is undeniably considered one of Hollywood’s most beautiful actresses. She enjoys great success in both her career and her personal life. Since 2002, she has been married to Denis Moder, with whom she has three children: two sons and a daughter named Hazel.

Needless to say, Julia is already 56. Yet, looking at her, it’s impossible to guess her age. She doesn’t appear in films as often, preferring to spend time with her family and hobbies. But there’s a feeling that Hazel could soon eclipse her mother.

The young blonde is now 16 and she’s amazing. As she gets older, she’ll only only get more beautiful.

Hazel was born on November 28, 2004. For a long time, Julia didn’t tell anyone about her children. She didn’t want the babies to be harassed by journalists and fans. Although the little girl was photographed a few times. People noticed that the girl is becoming a real beauty — she has blonde hair, blue eyes and pleasing features. The star’s daughter has even been compared to elves or fairy-tale heroines.


At first, Hazel looked more like her father, but she gradually took on her mother’s features. She had a straight nose with slightly wide nostrils, high eyebrows and large eyes. Exactly like Julia, except for the color of her hair. The girl also had an interesting feature — she resembled another famous actress, Scarlett Johansson. And that’s despite the fact that they’re not related. But if you compare photos, you can see the similarities, especially in the smiles. The older Hazel gets, the more she resembles Scarlett. It’s an incredible fact that no one can explain.

So, what’s the girl up to now? Julia isn’t trying to push her towards fame and popularity. On the contrary, she thinks her daughter should choose an ordinary profession. For the time being, Hazel studies at school and her results are very good. She loves team sports. So far, she hasn’t had the opportunity to get into fashion or film, although she has had two small roles.

Hazel is unlikely to be a golden girl who uses her parents’ money and influence to succeed. In fact, she won’t need any such help, as she has very good natural assets.

In all likelihood, all the doors will soon open for her, and she won’t need to make any special efforts. Julia’s daughter has excellent genetics and a memorable, singular appearance, which will be her key to success.

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