Kate Winslet met a brave man who saved her from her burning house: he later became her husband

Kate Winslet has been a popular figure in Hollywood since her performance in “Titanic”. She has dazzled fans with her talent and has a catalog of films that many actors can only fantasize about.

But away from her career, the British actress has been through a lot, especially in her love life.

How they met

The star has experienced two failed marriages, but now everything seems to be going well with her third husband, Ned Rocknroll. The two met in August 2011 under dramatic circumstances.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Kate revealed how they met. At the time, the actress and her children were vacationing on Necker Island, a 29-acre private island owned by billionaire Richard Branson.

While they were at the home site, their house was struck by lightning and a fire broke out. Rocknroll, Branson’s nephew, was in an adjacent building on the island.

He was the only man with a flashlight on his head and a pair of shoes as everyone tried to escape the fire.

Kate recounted how she ran out with only a bra, her passport and her children, and Ned helped them to safety. After the incident, the actress and Rocknroll became very close, and soon after, she fell madly in love with him.

The couple’s wedding

By 2012, the lovebirds were already engaged, and in December of the same year, they were married in a private ceremony in New York City. According to reports, only a few family and friends attended the occasion, including actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

Eleven years later, Winslet won an Emmy Award for Best Lead Actress in a Series for her role in “Mare of Easttown.”

While giving a speech in the Emmy press room, the star noted that winning the award had been great, but that the most special thing had been having her husband with her.

Winslet recalled attending the 2011 Emmy Awards with Ned, whom she had met shortly before.

“We were coming up to the Emmys. I was in a whirlwind after meeting him and couldn’t even concentrate,” the actress told People.

She added:

“I vividly remember making an absolutely dreadful speech because I wasn’t on planet Earth, because I had fallen madly in love with this person I had just met.”

A decade later, Rocknroll joined her at the Emmy Awards, not as an acquaintance but as a husband, and that meant everything to her.

Later, during her award acceptance speech, Kate described her children and husband, whose hands she will hold forever, as the best people in the world.

In 2021, Winslet spoke with The New York Times about her marriage. The actress praised her husband for being very supportive and funny, despite all his millions, and stated that he was everything to her.

“He is a superhuman householder. He takes care of us, especially me,” added Kate.

Furthermore, Winslet labeled Rocknroll as an extraordinary life partner. She explained that, before they met, he didn’t want to marry a celebrity who was always judged by the public.

Hopefully, Winslet and Rocknroll will continue to grow stronger by the day and their love will last a lifetime.

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