Loose skin in places. The paparazzi photographed Hawn in shorts on a walk with her husband

Hollywood actress Goldie Hawn, 77, and her husband Kurt Russell, 72, have been happily together for 40 years — can you believe it? For celebrities, such long-term marriages are the exception to the rule. Last day, paparazzi caught up with the couple on a walk, snapping a few photos.

It’s worth noting that Goldie pokes fun at preconceptions about exactly how a 77-year-old woman should present herself. Hawn dresses boldly in miniskirts and struts her stuff in swimsuits on vacation. This time, Hawn opted for shorts.

«Why show imperfections and sagging skin?

Why not wear something more age-appropriate?»,

«Why does she have to conform to your expectations and demands?», «How can she walk around Los Angeles in this heat?», «Beautiful woman», «Everyone should look like this at her age»,

«Not all 50-year-old women can be this fit,» «Beautiful,» «She doesn’t care about your rules. She dresses how she wants,» I read under the paparazzi photos.\



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