Meg Ryan made her first public appearance after a long hiatus and got everyone talking about her

Meg Ryan is a romantic comedy star who is primarily known for her roles in iconic ’90s films such as Sleepless in Seattle, When Harry Met Sally, and You’ve Got Mail.

The actress has long since finished her career: the last movie with her participation was released in 2015, then she kept in the shadows for a long time.

Now Meg is 61 years old, and she began to gradually return to the movie industry. She recently appeared at a special screening of a documentary by Michael J. Fox, her friend.

And again the main topic of discussion was the appearance of the actress — in it is completely impossible to recognize that Meg, to which everyone is used to.

Unfortunately, it was plastic and a clear fascination with fillers was the reason for the sunset of the career of the actress. The legend of romantic comedies simply stopped calling to the movies because of her frequent changes in appearance.

Meg is notorious for using fillers too actively, which distorted the proportions of her face: her cheeks became too voluminous and with unnaturally stretched skin. Her eyes, on the contrary, have shrunk, while her forehead, stabbed with Botox, is absolutely immobile.

The changes were obvious to everyone, but Meg herself categorically denied that she had plastic surgery. Back in 2015, she stated that she loves her age, loves the way she looks, and takes age-related changes lightly.

But that same year, 2015, she showed up at an event with a very different face.

Experts speculated that Meg had rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty and a lower third facelift.

After these changes, she was no longer offered roles. She lost the charisma for which she was so loved. She did not play glamorous divas in fashionable outfits, but attracted by her cozy and natural images.

Last year, the actress announced that she was returning to the big screens: she’s starring in a romantic comedy with David Duchovny.

It is scheduled to premiere in 2023.

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