Mireille Mathieu is 76 years old: how the singer lives now, the secret of her youth

The future singer Mireille Mathieu was born in July 1946. She had 13 siblings. Being the eldest child, she had to help a lot with the housework.

The singer does not hide the fact that she was a poor student, not because of her abilities, but because of her first teacher.

Mireille was left-handed. When she picked up a pen with her left hand, the teacher would hit her on that hand to teach her to write with her right hand. The result was that the young school girl stuttered her reading. And eventually she stopped listening to her teacher. But it all left its mark.

As a result, Mireille Mathieu left school at the age of 13 and went to work in a factory making envelopes. The family was very poor, so any extra income was welcome. And when the family had an eighth child, they were finally given a four-room apartment.

Mireille Mathieu’s talent was inherited from her father. He had the voice of an opera singer and often played music at home.

Mireille sang duets with her father in the church choir. And her first public performance in 1965 caused a sensation. The producers signed a contract with her father. From that day on, she began to learn to sing professionally.

Mireille Mathieu was going to get married twice. The first time, in the 1980s. She had an affair with a very rich famous businessman. In 1983 the man proposed to her. But he did not want Mathieu to continue to sing, as now she would be provided for, and the family was to be in the first place.

But Mireille left her fiance less than a week before the wedding.

The second chosen one, which was Guerlain Olivier Echodmaison, a legendary beautician, the singer left when she had already ordered the wedding dress.

She was rumored to have had an affair with Alain Delaunon, and had something to do with Charlie Chaplin.

But the singer does not give frank interviews. She says, «as far as my personal life, I do not talk about it.»

For many years the celebrity lived together with her sister in her home. Now she prefers a secluded lifestyle.

The singer is open about her habits, why she looks so beautiful and why she never changes her hair. Mireille said:

«I never tan, stay out of direct sunlight, don’t drink alcohol, never smoke. I only use organic products.

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