«My years are my wealth»: Celebrities not ashamed of their wrinkles

It’s getting harder and harder to see natural beauty in the crowd. These days, many women resort to cosmetic surgery and photo retouching. We seem to have become so accustomed to artificial beauty that we ask more questions about natural faces dotted with wrinkles, rather than taut, perfected «wax masks». Today, I’ve prepared an article in which I’ve rounded up some famous women who aren’t ashamed of their wrinkles. Yes, it can be hard to call their appearance perfect and they probably don’t fit the ideal image, but these women deserve praise for their courage. They’re not afraid to be themselves. I suggest you enjoy the photos of these courageous beauties. Notice: they’re gorgeous and have no complexes.

I think these celebrities can be an excellent source of motivation. Let’s start looking!

Britney Spears 

Emilia Clarke

Kristin Davis 

Julia Roberts

Kate Middleton

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sharon Stone

Susan Sarandon

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