Not many people know that Julia Roberts has grown-up twins. Here’s what life is like for the children who didn’t know she was famous

Despite their worldwide popularity, Julia Roberts and her husband Daniel Moder are raising their children without frills or privilege. They have a daughter and two sons. Let’s find out what they like to do and which of their parents they are more like.

Julia Roberts and Daniel Moder tied the knot in July 2002. The beautiful romance between the actress and the cinematographer began on the set of the film Mexican. The couple dated for several years before tying the knot.

On 28 November 2004, Julia and Daniel became parents to twins, a daughter and a son. Although Hazel and Finneas were born four weeks early, there were no complications. Two and a half years later, in June 2007, they welcomed a son, Henry.

Roberts didn’t use nannies and looked after the children herself. When they were small, she would clean up after them, picking up toys scattered around the house. When they were a little older, she got them used to taking the dishes from the table and washing them.

Parties and other social events Julia preferred to spend an evening with the children. The actress has admitted in interviews that she loves her profession, but her family has always been her priority.

For years, her daughter and sons had no idea how famous their mother was. Speaking on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Roberts said she doubted her children would «ever know the full extent of their fame». She recalled a funny moment from her childhood when they first learned of her popularity.

«The children asked me how famous I was. I replied that a lot of people had probably seen films with me in them. An hour later they asked, ‘Am I really more famous than singer Taylor Swift? She’s an idol to them.

Although the star couple’s children have inherited their mother’s striking features, Roberts herself thinks otherwise. In an interview with CBS Sunday Morning, the actress revealed that she often jokingly argues with her husband about who their children look more like.

«I always think they all look like me, and then Danny comes home from work and I’m like, ‘Oh, that’s who they look like — you, of course,'» she admitted with her trademark smile.

Hazel inherited her big smile from Julia, and Finnea and Henry inherited their hair colour. From their fathers, the children have inherited a love of nature and the outdoors. They enjoy cycling, football and golf, and have mastered surfing, skateboarding and ice skating.

Roberts has repeatedly said that it is important for her to be a caring mother rather than a film star in the eyes of her children. She makes no secret of the fact that she is a strict disciplinarian.

If one of the children does something wrong, Julia reprimands them. There is a special room in the house where she explains what is wrong with a particular action. According to the actress, raising her voice and even more so physical punishment are completely unacceptable. A reprimand with the right intonation works better with children.

In 2017, the actress starred in the film Bringing Ben Back, where she played the role of the mother of a teenager with a drug addiction. After this work, Roberts and her husband temporarily banned their children from having social media accounts.

From the very beginning of their parental journey, the couple decided that their daughter and sons would not grow up to be pampered children, so they raised them as normal children, teaching them classic human values.

If you met Julia Roberts on the street, you would hardly recognise her. In everyday life, she wears normal clothes and goes to the same supermarkets as other people.

Her stellar career has not stopped her from lending a helping hand — the actress has been involved in many charity projects. She also encourages her children to have compassion for the pain of others.

For example, at the age of 12, Hazel donated her hair to Wigs For Kids, an organisation that makes wigs for children with cancer.

«This is a big deal, a big step. After all, we are talking about a girl who is about to turn 13 and has beautiful hair that many people can only dream of. But Hazel doesn’t see the importance, she sees the opportunity to help others. I have a brave daughter,» said Julia Roberts.

The year 2022 saw two big events in the actress’ family. In July, Julia and Daniel celebrated their 20th anniversary, and in the autumn, their 18-year-old twins, Hazel and Finneas, enrolled at the University of California, Berkeley.

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