Pamela Anderson, 55, took off in a unique photo shoot without makeup, showing her natural beauty

Pamela Anderson is an icon and a symbol of her generation, but in recent years she has somewhat settled down in her hometown. Having given up her active social life and here again Pam found herself in the spotlight. So it was a coincidence that almost simultaneously two creative projects came out that found a positive response among critics.

First, the documentary «Pamela: A Love Story» was released on Netflix in late January. And second, Anderson released a book, «With Love, Pamela,» which she called «a personal and truthful account of her life.»

In conjunction with these events and more, Women’s Wear Daily magazine interviewed Pamela, with the highlights of which we’ll take you through. But cooler than the interview itself is the photo shoot for it. In it, the 55-year-old actress starred with absolutely no makeup. And Pamela really has nothing to be ashamed of — she is beautiful in any form!

The film and the book show a strong woman with her own opinion and position, who is not afraid to tell her own version of events, contrary to what has been written and said about her since the late 1980s, when she became a Playboy model.

«I never thought I would get a chance to tell my real story. I thought my legacy would be a red bathing suit and a pink fluffy hat, and no one would ever know what I went through and what I overcame.»

«Right now my day revolves around my dogs. I get up very early, then I let the dogs out and feed them. Then it depends on what season it is: if it’s spring or summer, I plant, and if it’s winter or fall, I can, make pickles and make jams. Yes, I develop with everything. And I’m always in my garden, and I’m also always writing.»

After going the hard way, Pamela said some very important words to her inner young girl:

«I came up with a psychological exercise where you imagine yourself as a young girl. You close your eyes, imagine yourself from head to toe, call out to that girl and hug her tightly. You have to feel this moment as much as possible. You look into your young self’s eyes and simply say, «You’re going to be okay. You are loved. You’re beautiful.» All the things you wanted to hear at that tender age. I cried the first time I did that.»

Pamela thinks she’s always been somehow out of fashion.

«I always felt like clothes kind of repelled me. It’s always been a little different. I want to dress nicely, but some things are too weird and don’t fit my body at all. When I was younger, I made the choice to have fun. I mean, it only took me five minutes to put on shiny pants and a big pink hat and put blue eyeliner on my eyes. And to walk down the red carpet with Tommy like that. We just thought, «We’re going to be funny.» We didn’t even think about the fact that we might have a stylist.»

Pam admitted that right now she feels the strongest.

«I really feel strong right now, when everything is very limited. I like seeing my freckles. I like it when my hair isn’t styled. I like just a fresh face. And I don’t like all these injections, by the way, they don’t work on me. And I want to see what happens next. I feel like it’s a statement of strength, because I’m accepting myself a lot more now, and that’s fine.»

Anderson has a simple but succinct credo.

«Be real, be honest, and always do your best. Every day, try not to offend anyone. It’s as simple as that.»

Pamela considers her greatest accomplishment to be being able to tell it like it is.

«My biggest accomplishment lately is being able to tell my stories from start to finish, despite the fear I’m constrained by, because I know I’m not going to make everyone happy, including even the people closest to me. Those are the things that are hard to say, but that’s what I need to say.»

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