Patricia Kaas and the price of success: the singer’s life backstage

A Frenchwoman, Kaas actually has German roots. She was born into a large family in a small French town on the German border. Patricia had a passion for singing since childhood and was encouraged by her family. From an early age, she won over the judges at competitions. Her voice, it was said, could only be compared to Piaf’s.

One of the most interesting facts in Patricia’s biography: Her first producer was Gérard Depardieu. He sponsored the recording of her first hits in the mid-80s. The fateful meeting with the actor was one of the milestones in Kaas’ life. Success was not long in coming.

In 1987 the song ‘Mademoiselle Sings the Blues’ was released. It is still considered one of the biggest French hits of the 20th century. Patricia’s fame spread beyond France: her CDs were sold in Switzerland, Canada and Belgium. In 1991, Patricia toured 12 countries and gave more than 200 concerts.

She seemed to have more luck than anyone else. In fact, Kaas’ fame didn’t fade after a few years. After her initial success, she has been one of the world’s top stars for many years: she has worked with talented composers, sung with Placido Domingo, and Michael Jackson has called on Kaas for his charity concerts.

But the blues-singing mademoiselle still lacks something. And that something is personal happiness.

Patricia Kaas’ private life is a far cry from the success she enjoys with the public. The singer grew up in a happy family and this way of life was an example for her. Father, mother, many children, cares and evenings spent with her family — this is what Patricia aspired to, but she was disappointed.

When she was young, she had feelings for the producer Bernard Schwartz. But he was married and did not return the young singer’s feelings. Patricia Kaas was determined to put her career first.

Little did the star know that Alain Delon would soon appear in her life. And not many people could resist him.

They have walked the carpets together. She was an up-and-coming, but already an award-winning star. He is a heart-winner whose next wife was expecting a child. And against this backdrop, Alain Delon and Patricia Kaas appear together in public.

Delon was ready for her everything. But Kaas did not make plans, even when he took her to restaurants and brought sumptuous bouquets. The singer knew that they have no future. And when one of the events Alain Delon in the microphone said his feelings for Kaas, the singer dumbfounded.

She did not allow the strange union to go too far. Since that day, all the bouquets were sent back to Delon. On the phone the singer has ceased to answer. And she plunged back into the work that made her happy.

A few years later, Patricia Kaas gave love another chance. But her six-year relationship with composer Philippe Bergmann ended in mutual resentment. She did not want to interrupt her tour to start a family, and he demanded her property.

After this, Kaas found it hard to believe that she could be loved for nothing, regardless of her money and position. A new, seemingly serious relationship with chef Yannick Alenno didn’t last long either.

Today, Patricia Kaas, 53, often recalls the words of Alain Delon. He used to say that success, however wonderful, leads to loneliness. And the singer agrees. Kaas says that she loves being alone. After all, she has the chance to talk to her audience from the stage.

The only thing Kaas regrets is not being able to be a mother. She says her mother had as many children as she had albums. But Patricia wasn’t ready to dedicate her life to her family, expecting to be betrayed.

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